End of Summer Rants

13 11 2009

So the warm weather is finally coming to an end… How sad it is! As I look back on this summer, I can’t stop but to think “Wow!” What an amazing summer… I travelled Southeast Asia for a month and a half, met some amazing people, and ate some delicious food! What more can you ask for really?

As I think back there’s also a few things I remember saying that I wanted to blog about but was too lazy to. So here goes, these are just rants that I remember wanting to vent about but never got around to. Hopefully the right people will read this and it won’t happen again.

Here goes:

First little rant comes from the golf course. Now as many of you may or may not know, I am an avid golfer. I have been golfing since I was about 10. I remember back when golf was about respect for each other on the golf course. Golfers would stay quiet and respectful when other golfers were getting ready to take their shot. But this rant isn’t directed towards my fellow golfers. This rant is directed towards the greens staff and marshalls at the respective golf courses that I play at. I remember when the on-course staff would stop wheneever they saw that you were preparing to take a shot. Lawn mowers would stop and put their machinery to
Idle so that it would be a little quieter, marshalls would stop their carts so that you could execute your shot to the best of your ability, cart girls were also taught the intricacies of staying quiet for someones shot. Now, more specifically in the last 3 years, I have noticed that these on-course staff have lost all of this repect and courtesy that I speak of. I remember lining up for a shot at Horseshoe Valley golf course and having a marshall race up right beside the tee box… In the middle of someones swing… Seriously… And this doesn’t just go for the marshals, it goes for the grass cutters, bunker rakers, greens keepers. They just stand there now… Or drive by with their loud engines… Not caring that people paid sometimes lots of dollar bills to play at the respective golf course. Not caring that it is a possibility that they are going to get hit by a golf ball. Not caring that they could be ruining somones game of golf.

End rant.

Start rant.

Second one has to deal with banks. Why is it that there is always a line up at a bank on thursdays and fridays AND not all teller spots are open even if there are clearly more then enough staff who can work the spots? How does it benefit a bank to have a line up? I mean, at a club, I get it, big line up means its a hotspot. And a hotspot of a club means people want to be there. So a line makes sense. But at a bank, really? And why do they feel that they have the right to give attitude back when someone gets angry about the wait?! We see people walking around doing NOTHING. Why aren’t they making this line move quicker. Its like walking into a restaurant and waiting in line when there are clearly empty tables, it pisses people off! For a business that is considered in the service industry you think that they would have figured it out already!

End rant.

And that’s all I got… What have I learned from this experience? I suck at writing… I should blog more to improve my writing…

Thanks for reading… Later days…