Been a minute!

1 05 2010

Its been a minute eh? And again promises have been broken, and again I apologize for not updating those of you who care to read about the mumble jumble that goes through my brain. That being said, Here is another entry in the life of Mack.

I think it was last post, that I promised some pics from the Las Vegas Trip. Didn’t get many, but here is a few from 1 epic night of partying and then a few from the Venetian. I got absolutely murdered on this trip on the tables so I was definitely unmotivated to get out and take pictures although I really wanted too. Maybe I wouldn’t be stuck so much if I just forced myself to go outside. Anyways… here they are:

This is XS in the Encore... It is a pretty epic club by any standards.... huge inside, Big outside area around a pool, and in the middle of the pool, a gaming floor... yeeeaaahhh.... gambling and drinking in a club setting... WOW!

This is how the night began...

Yeeaaah... and this guy walked into the club... I dunno what to say about this guy but "yeeeaahhh ok!"... Oh And the dude on the right is the whole reason we are in Vegas... Good luck with Married life buddy!

And then Mr.Wynn walked into the club and was in the booth behind us...

And then Diego Sanchez from the UFC came in and joined Mr. Wynn in the booth behind us...

My View out of my free room at the MGM... Thank you MGM... you definitely took the full value plus more from me at the tables... well worth giving me a free room!

And this is where my 1st Vegas experience when I was a wee lad took place...

And thats it! Besides the fact that partying in Vegas can get quite expensive even on a regular night, I feel like to me it is the best place to party. Every time I come home after a trip in Vegas, I’m so unmotivated to go out and party in Toronto. 1 thing is that Toronto clubs aesthetically does not remotely compare to ANY in Vegas, But the main thing for me is the fact that it feels like they don’t even want you in the clubs in Toronto. In Las Vegas, Everyone wants to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, you reaaally have to fuck up for them to kick you out….

Anyways, This post has been long overdue, but I finally got around to it! Hop you enjoyed!

Later Dayz