Remembering a legend

26 06 2009

What a tough day for celebrities! Farrah Fawcett passes away at a fairly young age of 62 from cancer. Ed McMahon passed away yesterday after a bout with bone cancer. And most impactful i think Micheal Jackson, the ‘King of Pop’ died today from cardiac arrest.

I remember the 1st MJ CD I bought when I was in grade 7! It was actually the 1st CD I ever bought for the brand new CD player that was in my moms new car…. the History book.. Classics! I rocked that shit till the CD didn’t work anymore… amazing… and now before he even got a chance to do his last tour he has passed away at the age of 50. The man was a legend. His music brought together generations of people. People who weren’t even born when he was in his prime felt his dealth.

Its amazing though, how one man can do so much for people. He made grown men cry at his concerts! He drew crowds like no other! He was a true international pop star. Even through his molestation accusations millions of people stood by him. Crazyness. I don’t think that anyone will ever reach the level of celebrity that MJ did. He will always be remembered by many and definitely will go down as a legend of our time.

Sad though… I think I was actually going to pay some ridiculous price to go see one of his shows in UK. One regret was never seeing him in concert…