Canada Day ’09: Free Meals and MJ Tributes

2 07 2009

Oh what a day it was…. I felt like i was in around a line up or crowd all day!

Canada Day Celebrations @ Mandarin were a great success! We had over 30,000 people come to our locations and enjoy a free meal on the company. People waited for as much as 8 hours at some locations, getting there at 8am to enjoy the free meal. I heard a story that at one of the locations a group of guys got smashed all night at a bar across the street, stole the chairs from the patio, and passed out in front of the location to wait for the meal! I thought that was a great idea! you wake up a little hungover… and then the hangover hunger kicks in around 11… and you get in for a free buffet at noon! everything you would have done anyways except for sleep in a comfy bed (which you wouldn’t have appreciated anyways because of the alcohol) and you would have paid for a meal.

Canada DAy Lon Line

Line up @ London Location for Canada Day Free Meal

I, personally, visited the London location and the Kitchener locations. Both locations I am happy to say that almost all the people were all very good spirited and happy throughout their experience of waiting in those immense lines. I met a family at the London location that were from Latin America, as they put it, (maybe they were afraid to say Mexico because of the recent swine scare) who were clearly immigrants that immigrated to Canada a few years ago. They were very happy the Mandarin was doing this event and were all decked out in Canada gear. I love it when I see people, especially people who aren’t from Canada, who come here for whatever reason, that embrace Canada day and everything it means to be Canadian. These people mean alot to Canada and what Canada is all about. Kinda brings someone who just thinks of Canada Day as just another holiday (probably most of us)  back to reality a little.

Celebrating Canada Day in Style

Celebrating Canada Day in Style

Another thing that got me was the fact that the 1st person in line at London Location was a single diner. Being in the restaurant industry, this meant alot to me. If someone took the time out of their schedule, whatever their schedule might be, to wait from 8:30 am to eat at your restaurant, BY THEMSELVES, must mean that you are doing something right. I didn’t get to talk to this lady that day but, if your reading this by any chance, I want to thank you for coming out and supporting.

By the time I got to Kitchener location, the line up was already at least a 5 hour line. The crowd was generally very calm and happy about recieving a free meal. I met some very cool people that were just happy to have this event, they came to Mandarin Kitchener, knowing they were probably going to wait a long time, and from what it seems, had a wonderful day. Now there were some obvious problems with line ‘budders’ and what not but overall it was a great day.

Line up @ Mandarin Kitchener

Line up @ Mandarin Kitchener

The one thing that I didn’t like about this day was the negativeness that some people decided to bring to the event. Pre-event people started talking about how this was a discriminatory event because Mandarin would only give free meals to Canadians with proof of citizenship. I thought after the event most of the negativity would stop. But, post event, it switched to how long the lines were and people bashing other people for waiting in those lines. How can you directly bash someone for doing something they want to do regardless of situation? If these people wanted to take their day and stand in line and felt that it was worth their while to stand in that line to enjoy Canada Day at the Mandarin then why can’t they do this without people saying stuff like, “Anyone who went to this FREE buffet must not put much of a value on their own time!” 1st of all what do you care what someone does with THEIR time? It doesn’t effect YOUR time… and secondly what if they feel that this is a valuable way to spend their time? What if the time they spent at Mandarin on this day, meant them saving a few extra dollars for the family for another day.  Its ignorant people like this that think that just because THEY wouldn’t waste their time at an event like this that NOBODY should waste their time at an event like this. I just think its unfair to make that comment to ANYone…

Anyways, on a happier not, I also got to catch a Canada Day Block Party in tribute to the late Michael Jackson last night. Dundas Square was rocking with MJ tunes and packed full of people dancin up a storm, it was amazing! Whoever threw that party… Kudos! Missed Starting From Scratch but caught Mensa’s and other’s sets. Although they repeated alot of songs, they rocked Dundas Square.

Anyhoo, Thats all folks!