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15 03 2010

So I’m a little backlogged with pictures right now… mostly cuz I’ve been real lazy to upload and still snapping away (you can see a trend in my life… lazyness takes over ALL the time… but i’m not afraid to admit it… I’M LAZY!)

So in this episode we go out for a night of partying…  and some food experimentation.

We’re at “Street Soul Rockers” with my boys DJ Shai (pictured here on the 1’s and 2’s) and Big Philly on the mic somewhere… Great music and Great crowd… Big energy all night! Anybody in the Toronto area keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of “Street Soul Rockers”

Our booth setup at the party…I don’t remember much after this, so you guys don’t get to see anymore.. haha.  On a complete side note: M3 is back baby… 2010-2011 will be our year… keep your eyes peeled.

So the next day we decided to make some delicious pork belly steam buns… So 1st we went out and bought our steamers…….

Then we cooked the delicious delicious pork belly..................

Then we steamed the buns in the steamer............

And finally we combined it all with some pickled cucumbers and Hoi Sin Sauce and Voila! Pork Belly Steamed Buns! And I saw that it was good..... haha... maybe this goes on our menu at the new restaurant...

And thats it… theres more queued up and ready to be uploaded… we’ll see when I get to them… I also have many other pics up in my Photostream over at Flickr… If any of you think you want to make some of those Pork belly deliciousnessess… i found the recipe here at Food gal’s blog… its great… you can also find her on twitter @carolynjung… Anyways.. thats all for now…

Later Days



Lazyness Ensues

23 02 2010

So ya! i’ve been lazy lately.. what of it?! haha.. heres an update on my life…

So I went out for Winterlicious with my cousins to Edward Lavesque's Kitchen out in Lesliville...

Another shot of the dining room

This was their winterlicious Menu... I had the Baked Feta Salad/Pork Chop/Banana dessert

Baked feta, pomegranate, toasted walnut, fennel and anise, fig syrup

Porc Chop (Sage, Garlic, Dijon Mustarde) sauteed apple, sweet onions and dried fruit, sweet and sour roasted root vegetable, cider reduction

yah! thats how delicious it was!

Caramelized Banana Mousse, chocolate sauce, banana chips... which was pretty much a slob of banana flavored grossness... kinda ruined my meal not gonna lie...

And the best way to rescue a meal is with a delicious espresso

Thats bout it for this one… nothing really exciting going on in life… got my camera on me all the time.. just not inspired to shoot anything these days… hopefully we get outta this funk and there is actually something interesting on here soon…

Find more of my pictures from both my little and my big camera in my Flickr photostream!

Thats all for now!

Later Days!


YUZU Sushi and Sake Bar

16 07 2009

Me and my girlfriend took a trip to YUZU today for a bite to eat. It wasn’t our 1st time there but since I started blogging about stuff, I thought I might start reviewing stuff. Why not? So here goes!

YUZU is the creation of JAPANGO another sushi restaurant just off of Dundas on Elizabeth.

If any of you have ever been to JAPANGO, you will be familiar with the quality of sushi at YUZU. YUZU is JAPANGO’s newest child. It is alot roomier and has more of a modern feel then the small 10 seater @ Japango. The food at YUZU is phenom

Everyone who enjoys sushi and is in Toronto, should go and eat at YUZU. It is phenomenal!