5 days till Half way around the world

16 07 2009

5 more days and I will be halfway around the world. Me and my girlfriend packing up and headin over to SE Asia to spend the rest of the summer. I know, I know, its HOT AS SHIT over there during this time but it will definitely be a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of Toronto to the hustle and bustle of overcrowded Asian cities. Our adventures are taking us to 4 different countries: Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and last but not least, Vietnam.

Super excited about all of these places although I have really no idea of what to expect. Japan is only a 19 hour layover in Tokyo but we might get out and explore as much as we can. We then land in Bangkok for bout 3 days until the beginning of our Intrepid tour that takes us through Cambodia, and up Vietnam. Finally we settle in Danang, the middle of Vietnam, for about 2 weeks where my GF is doing some dental volunteer work and I will explore the region more in depth with camera in tow.

Well thats about it.. unless anything exciting or angering happens to me between now and then, I’ll be writing my next post from the other side of the world.

OH! If anyone has any travel ideas for the area please feel free to leave a comment. Also if you have ever been on an Intrepid tour in the area please leave a comment also and let me know how they are!