11 Girls and 1 Boy

26 07 2009

So we’re done in Bangkok and in Siem Riep, Cambodia right now! The internet is super slow so I’m gonna keep this short and sweet.

I forgot to mention that we saw a solar eclipse on the plane to Bangkok from Japan. That was super cool, it was only the 2nd I’ve ever seen and it seemed so close from the airplane.

The end of Bangkok was pretty exciting! We rode an elephant, took pictures with tigers and also got lost in Bangkok. We met up with our tour yesterdayto find out that I am the only male on the trip besides our guide! Should be interesting! Anyways we’re in Siem Riep right now, going to Angkor Wat tomorrow which I am super excited for! Updates will be coming alot slower right now as I don’t know what the availability of internet will be throughout my travels. But, rest assured I will keep you posted when i can. Anyways, even typing is lagged on this computer so I’m outtie.