My 1st Blog Cameo!

13 04 2010

No pictures this time guys… just a link to my buddy 2’s blog… Met him in my haydays of playing poker in the city… and if any of you are poker guys he is writing a sick blog about the scene in Toronto and basically his life… Check it out… and my Cameo in his latest posting…. BRRRAP! That story he tells was an EPIC week at Fallsview and Seneca… I was one card away from making it into the WPT Fallsview event… and we went on some sick heaters over on the American side smashing the dumb Americans at there 2/5NL game….

Welcome back to Toronto Mr. 2!

Check out Mr.2’s blog here…..

Later Dayz




12 04 2010

First off! Who watched that Masters this past weekend? Sick Shit eh? Too bad Tiger couldn’t pull it off, but I have to say considering the circumstances he played pretty well. A.Kim…you got it next year homie… I’m not even gonna say anything about the eventual winner, Mr. Mickelson because I hate him (for reasons I’m not sure). Although he did hit some phenomenal shots on the back nine to lock it up…. aaaaanyways… on to the pictures.

Yaya! I know I’ve totally been slacking off on this…. From this day forward I promise to put more of an effort into updating this more frequently… Lets set a goal of at least once a week! That shouldn’t be too difficult, right? So lets see…. These are clearly not even close to what being caught up… but I still need to catch you guys up… Hopfully One day I’ll actually be caught up with my picture postings and all will be good and balanced again… So hear goes!\

So Last posting I showed you our delicious Steamed Pork Belly Buns that we made from scratch. This is a picture of what our kitchen looked like after our experiment... DISASTER!

Gotta chance to check out the "Art of Marketing" Seminars in Toronto last month too... It was pretty good... opened my mind to something new and learned alot! Here is a pic of Seth Godin speaking... This guy has pretty interesting things come out of his mouth... and his brain... you can read his blog at .... He says stuff that you probably hear everyday.. but just rewords it and makes you think about it more/differently... very smart man!

Went to Coras for breakfast one day with a lady friend and got this lovely plate delivered to me.... thought I'd snap a pic and share.

Got invited to go to an UofT event called Asian Foodprints 2010: Rediscovering Japan Through a Culinary Odyssey... Pretty interesting event. They do seminars in the morning where you are introduced to the Japanese Culture through their food and How the food has impacted the culture in Japan. Then there is a dinner at the end of the day. Unfortunately I was only invited to the dinner.

Where we had a sampling of different Sake's from Japan. For those of you who don't know, Sake is a traditional rice wine that is Drank in Japan.

There was this plate of delicious traditional Japanese appetizers on our table when we arrived.

And this delicious Japanese buffet with some ridiculously good food... If i could remember exactly what was on the buffet i would tell you... but sadly, since I waited this long to update I have forgotten....

And the best picture in here... Woke up one morning sat down on my couch and found the sun showing me some mad love! so I snapped a pic and here it is... Summer is finally here... The Golfing will commence shortly...

That is all folks… Like i said… I am promising that I will post more regularly… so look for a post lets say every Sunday for now… and if theres more that i want to tell you/show you… maybe any other day of the week too!

Later Dayz


On to the Next……

15 03 2010

So I’m a little backlogged with pictures right now… mostly cuz I’ve been real lazy to upload and still snapping away (you can see a trend in my life… lazyness takes over ALL the time… but i’m not afraid to admit it… I’M LAZY!)

So in this episode we go out for a night of partying…  and some food experimentation.

We’re at “Street Soul Rockers” with my boys DJ Shai (pictured here on the 1’s and 2’s) and Big Philly on the mic somewhere… Great music and Great crowd… Big energy all night! Anybody in the Toronto area keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of “Street Soul Rockers”

Our booth setup at the party…I don’t remember much after this, so you guys don’t get to see anymore.. haha.  On a complete side note: M3 is back baby… 2010-2011 will be our year… keep your eyes peeled.

So the next day we decided to make some delicious pork belly steam buns… So 1st we went out and bought our steamers…….

Then we cooked the delicious delicious pork belly..................

Then we steamed the buns in the steamer............

And finally we combined it all with some pickled cucumbers and Hoi Sin Sauce and Voila! Pork Belly Steamed Buns! And I saw that it was good..... haha... maybe this goes on our menu at the new restaurant...

And thats it… theres more queued up and ready to be uploaded… we’ll see when I get to them… I also have many other pics up in my Photostream over at Flickr… If any of you think you want to make some of those Pork belly deliciousnessess… i found the recipe here at Food gal’s blog… its great… you can also find her on twitter @carolynjung… Anyways.. thats all for now…

Later Days


On a roll!

23 02 2010

This one is more of a photo dump… Finally sat down and went through a bunch of pictures and found some that missed the cut the 1st time… Truthfully i don’t know how they missed the cut… aannnyways… here they are… some of my favs in here..

A little Dimsum meal me and my buddy had at ‘Zin‘ a new Chinese spot in Yorkville…. Pretty Legit and fairly priced

Random shot of my hallway in my apartment building... nothing more to say here

Playing around with Color isolation at the Raptors game... pretty cool.. I must say

Delicious Craft Burger for Sunday Lunch one weekend.... this is the Craft Blue with Fries... Amazing!

A delicious home cooked Lamb Shank.... 3 hours of simmering goodness

Thats pretty much it… should have some cool Snowboarding pics up in the days to come… Anyways… if you wanna see more… you can always check out my Photostream over at Flickr! Otherwise… i guess you’ll have to wait for my next post…

Later Dayz


Lazyness Ensues

23 02 2010

So ya! i’ve been lazy lately.. what of it?! haha.. heres an update on my life…

So I went out for Winterlicious with my cousins to Edward Lavesque's Kitchen out in Lesliville...

Another shot of the dining room

This was their winterlicious Menu... I had the Baked Feta Salad/Pork Chop/Banana dessert

Baked feta, pomegranate, toasted walnut, fennel and anise, fig syrup

Porc Chop (Sage, Garlic, Dijon Mustarde) sauteed apple, sweet onions and dried fruit, sweet and sour roasted root vegetable, cider reduction

yah! thats how delicious it was!

Caramelized Banana Mousse, chocolate sauce, banana chips... which was pretty much a slob of banana flavored grossness... kinda ruined my meal not gonna lie...

And the best way to rescue a meal is with a delicious espresso

Thats bout it for this one… nothing really exciting going on in life… got my camera on me all the time.. just not inspired to shoot anything these days… hopefully we get outta this funk and there is actually something interesting on here soon…

Find more of my pictures from both my little and my big camera in my Flickr photostream!

Thats all for now!

Later Days!


Feb 3rd 2010

4 02 2010

Not alot happened yesterday… pretty boring day… went to work.. then went home… just a couple of shots worth showing…  here they are!

So this is what us Canadians have to look forward to most winter mornings... its definitely not fun... at least it was quasi-warm that day...

Snow all night means my sunroof has effectively been removed from my car

Finally made it to work...

What my work looks like... Boring eh?

So I stopped by Japan town just east of Woodbine and Steeles (Amazing place if you have never been there... google it and check it out) and they had this scrumptious little treat sitting behind the window... seriously.. how good does that look!!

Cool shot I got in the elevator when i got home... at least I think its cool!

After dinner we sat down to an intense game of dominoes... make the right move monika.. if anyone wants to post the real rules to dominoes for us BTW.. that would be greatly appreciated

And thats it… my life is so exciting isn’t it!


February 2nd 2010 – Re-brand V.2.0

3 02 2010

So another decade has begun and still i have nothing to write about. So I think a rebranding is in the work… to fill the gaps between my actual writings I am going to try and do a photo journal of my life and post it here to my wordpress blog… minimizing words and maximizing pictures! Since I just bought a new little Canon SD940, and I now carry it with me 24/7 I thought why not share my world through my eyes… to whoever cares… So… here goes… lets see how long this lasts!

We start this picture journey with Feb 2rd 2010!

Lunch @ Humber Room @ Humber College North campus with a good friend! everyone, meet TINA!

Making my pasta from scratch right in front of me

The Flower on our table...

California Rolls and Hokai Maki made by the white man... not bad actually.. rice was a little hard tho

My Fettucini (yes, the pasta they were making 2 pics up) with veggies and some orange colored sauce... yeeeaaahhh.. forgot everything about the dish except for fettucini... It WAS good tho!

This is what she had... Stuffed Squid with some sort of salmon insert and black rice... haha

After lunch I had an intro to red wine course...

A George Duboeuf Beaujolais... apparently King George Duboeuf was the nut Beaujolais wine maker and then he started putting other varieties of grape in there that he wasn't supposed to and got in big trouble

Got bored in class and started playing around with my macro feature

Back to the delicious glasses of red wine...

and then i discovered Digital Macro.... oh my... soo close! these are my Hugo Boss Pants

Back at home now.. my buddy wakes up from an epic nap...

And thats it for Feb 2nd 2010! stay tuned…. more after the break!