1st Things 1st…

16 04 2010

So the 1st thing I have to talk about today before I get into anything is the Raptors.

So, they just finished their season this past week and what a disappointing season it was. Well… the second half at least. We went from 5th place to out of the playoffs in terrible fashion. I’ll admit yes, we had a lot of injury problems coming out of the All Star break but really we played with no heart. Our big acquisition in Turks was a HUGE disapointment to say the least and our key players didn’t step up. The whole second half to the season was basically summed up in one game: Sunday, April 11th against our 8th place rivals, the Chicago Bulls. Being tied for 8th place with Chicago meant that it was a must win, Probably the biggest game of the year for the Raptors and they came out and put in a non-effort to lose get beat murdered 104-88… On our home court! It was very disappointing to say the least.

Now the big question on Raptor’s fans minds is will Chris Bosh return next season. IMHO why should he? We’ve missed the play offs 5-7 years that he has been here and every year it is a disappointment. The only way I see him coming back is if Bryan Colangelo makes some BIG BIG moves in the off season and brings a STAR back court guy who can produce his own shots to Toronto AND pay Chris some big dollars. Obviously I hope that he does return as he is a phenomenal basketball player but we’ll see what happens I guess.

Anyways… enough of that. Cant change the past so no point in bitching about it… that was pretty much a waste of time and space.. but I thought i’d share my thoughts.

Heres a couple of pics from the week so far.

Went for a stroll in the Distillery District in Toronto... got this shot as we walked in... I love the sky!

There she is! Got this shot on the water at Cherry Beach... Super fun I think!

Still at Cherry Beach... I wish there was actually something there instead of just the sand.. but I like this shot anyways

The CN Tower and Skydome... yah I called it the Skydome... nuff said!

I remember this used to scare the shit out of me when I was younger... to this day I still do not understand this piece of art?

Thats about it.. I was gonna post some of my recent trip to Vegas but I think i’m gonna save that for its own Blog posting…. Vegas trips definitely deserves its own posting. Specially epic trips like that one…

Anyways.. stay tuned for that one… hopefully get around to that one Sunday…

Later Dayz



M3 is back!

15 04 2010

Well Many of you may or may not know that my friend Mike and I ran a small boutique catering operation a few years ago called M3 Catering. Well, after our chef moved to Ottawa we have been in limbo ever since.

Now we are bringing M3 back to life as M3 Foods and putting plans together for our own restaurant. FINALLY!

If you guys wanna keep up with all the news and what not… Make sure you check out the M3 Foods blog. Also you can follow us on twitter @m3foods

So what are goal is with this blog and all our other social media avenues is to build a community that we can bounce ideas off of and also where our community can also bring new ideas for us to the table to be discussed. Kind of like building a restaurant for the people, by the people. We want to hear everything from staffing to customer service all the way to what our front doors will look like. We’ll be posting ideas and thoughts as we go along as soon as they pop up into our heads…

So, Come out! show your love and support and stay in the looop! Thats all for today!

Later Days,


My 1st Blog Cameo!

13 04 2010

No pictures this time guys… just a link to my buddy 2’s blog… Met him in my haydays of playing poker in the city… and if any of you are poker guys he is writing a sick blog about the scene in Toronto and basically his life… Check it out… and my Cameo in his latest posting…. BRRRAP! That story he tells was an EPIC week at Fallsview and Seneca… I was one card away from making it into the WPT Fallsview event… and we went on some sick heaters over on the American side smashing the dumb Americans at there 2/5NL game….

Welcome back to Toronto Mr. 2!

Check out Mr.2’s blogĀ here…..

Later Dayz