Wasabi, why do you always disappoint?

5 05 2010

After having lunch at Wasabi today, I was once again disappointed. I had this long drawn out post about my experience all drafted out but I’ve decided to not be so angry and just give a point form break down of my experience at Wasabi. In respect to Wasabi themselves, and to fans of Wasabi, I will only talk briefly about a couple things I notice today and possibly some fixes that maybe they aren’t noticing. I’m not saying I’m an expert or anything… Just hear me out.

1. Food is cold, when I got there, around 11:30 am, there was no steam coming out from the steam tables and no steam coming of the water in the chafing dishes. so the food got cold. Next time try putting hot water into these devices instead of cold at the beginning of the shift.

2.Under those red lights, all the items on the deep fry line look the same. Also deep fry items are cold, unless you catch them when they come out of the kitchen

3. Pasta was ok but again cold

4. Need more labelling, Sometimes I just don’t know what I’m looking at.

5. Grill area really good, the best food there, Fresh and Hot!

6.When it is not busy, don’t just point people to where they need to go when they are meeting a party, actually take them.

7. This one is to servers: Don’t get all visually disappointed when you don’t get a good tip, suck it up and try harder next time. Remember people are not obligated to tip ANYTHING….

Please improve these things and I will gladly come back!

Oh yah! If I were Wasabi I would try to put more “Japanese” Themed items on the menu, after all, Gotta stand out right?

Thats all, well that was more than I expected would come out but i guess like Pringles chips… Once you pop, you can’t stop.

Later Dayz,





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