Random Acts of Kindness

3 05 2010

I just wanted to share something that happened to me today on an office Starbucks run… it totally threw me off guard to realize that there are still random nice people in this world.

So, I went for my typical Starbucks run with a huge order from the office, As I was putting all the drinks into trays and what not I noticed 2 ladies sitting near the door chatting about a trip of some sort to Niagara (Yah I was eavesdropping…), So I grabbed the 2 trays and made why way to the door, She got up, mid conversation, and opened the door for me, I said “Thank you!” and she went back in, sat back down and continued on with her afternoon. And I got into my car and continued on to my care.

I barely even thought about it at the moment, but with every second that passed I was more and more thankful. She took the time out of her day and opened a door for a random stranger for no apparent reason. WOW! It was very nice gesture and it got me thinking, how a simple act like that can make someone else, even a complete stranger, feel good!

To this lady, I want to thank you, seriously, for not just opening the door for me but for the random act of kindness that we should ALL try and do once in a while, and reminding me that being nice to someone does make a difference. THANK YOU!

Now how to pay it forward…… hmmmmmm…..





One response

3 05 2010

Yes I know that’s totally rare for sure. but it’s not totally extinct. I get it once in awhile but I’m an avid believer in acts of kindness and I try to do it often myself. I know you are thinking “that’s a lie!” LOL no seriously i do. cool though. I like your post

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