M3 is back!

15 04 2010

Well Many of you may or may not know that my friend Mike and I ran a small boutique catering operation a few years ago called M3 Catering. Well, after our chef moved to Ottawa we have been in limbo ever since.

Now we are bringing M3 back to life as M3 Foods and putting plans together for our own restaurant. FINALLY!

If you guys wanna keep up with all the news and what not… Make sure you check out the M3 Foods blog. Also you can follow us on twitter @m3foods

So what are goal is with this blog and all our other social media avenues is to build a community that we can bounce ideas off of and also where our community can also bring new ideas for us to the table to be discussed. Kind of like building a restaurant for the people, by the people. We want to hear everything from staffing to customer service all the way to what our front doors will look like. We’ll be posting ideas and thoughts as we go along as soon as they pop up into our heads…

So, Come out! show your love and support and stay in the looop! Thats all for today!

Later Days,





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