A new Beginning

18 11 2009

Ok so, I’ve been on wordpress for almost a year now… and I’ve found that the main thing that is holding me back is the fact that I am really bad at just rambling about nothing. So after these past 6 months of trying to think of something to write about and just writing about stuff that comes to my mind, I think I’m gonna start a new category in my blog. I got inspiration from @TOfoodie on Twitter…. she, along with a few others, are currently on a search for Toronto’s Best Burger… #TOburger for all you tweeps out there… Basically me and my roommate, and maybe a few stragglers, are going to scour our great city of Toronto and find the Best that Toronto has to offer. And since food has been a passion of ours ever since out youths… Why not find the best food items in this great city.

And every time we get some new tasty or not so tasty morcel of food in our mouths, you guys, my peoples, my tweeps, my facebook friends, will be the 1st to hear about it! So stay tuned!


If you have always wondered where you can get the best of something in this great city of ours, then leave a comment/suggestion and we will scour the city for you…






One response

13 12 2009
Miss Piggy

you just made me HUNGRY..

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