In Vietnam!

2 08 2009

So we just finished Cambodia! What an amazing country that has gone through so much so recently! During our visit we went to 2 places, Siem Riep to see the ruined temples at Angkor Wat and Phnom Pen, the capital of Cambodia and also the poorest capital city in Asia, Where we saw the Genocide museum and the killing fields. Everything was an in your face experience of what happened about 20 years ago with the end of the wars! So much death! We ran into a survivor from S-21, the jail where the Khmer Rouge brought all their war prisoners and tortured them. It was crazy, the stories he told about how they were beat down and tied up.

We just got into Vietnam, by boat through Chau Doc, and its pretty wicked as well. More modern, not as poor of a country and everything is SO CHEAP! Beers are under a dollar. Food for 2 people with drinks costs about $5 CDN.. Love it. and its sooo good!

We’re now in Saigon or Ho Chih Minh City, SO MANY motorbikes… they are everywhere and the honking is nonstop… crazyness… no rules on the road…

Anyways off to explore some more… doing the Cu Chi tunnels tomorrow then we are off to Hue!

we got a total of about 800 pictures in Cambodia so photo updates will prolly happen when I get back or I have ALOT of time!

Later dayz





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25 09 2009


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