1st day of travels

21 07 2009

Day 1 and 2 are over and we are exhausted!

Our 1st flight was a 5 hour flight to San Francisco which was pretty standard, woke up an hour late but luckily there was no line up at customs, made it with time to spare! Our second flight however was a first for both Jeanie and me, We sat on the upper deck of a 747. The 10 hour flight was full of movies, tv shows, and games all in our own little consoles. We had seats that fully reclined to beds, and it felt like they never stopped serving us food, it was incredible!

We finally landed at about 2 pm local time, happy to find that our luggage had also found its way to Japan fully intact, quickly found a hotel room and then we were off to Tokyo to check out the city. Let me tell you, the subway system is a complicated one! Especially with the language barrier! We finally found our way down after a 1 hour train ride and alot of questions only to have it start raining as soon as we got outside! We scurried around Shibuya and found a little sushi spot that had amazingly fresh fish, It was delicious to say the least! Then we went back to the hotel because it was still pouring and we were exhausted!

Even this short experience left me with some great impressions of this amazing little country:

1. They are the most courteous people I have ever met. Always bowing and what not. Super repectful

2. Very clean country, At least what I saw of it

3. Everything is so perfect, everything in the grocery stores look so perfect inside their little packages.

4. The people are very passionate, even in the grocery store their was people yelling trying to sell their product! At least I think thats what they were doing, I didn’t understand a word they said.

5. I must return for a full visit! There is still so much to see, We saw like 2 hours of it all.

Well we’re super exhausted and hitting the sack! Flights at 930 am tomorrow heading down to Bangkok where we’ll meet up with our tour on saturday and be on our way.

I will try and find some time and a better connection to get some pics and videos up for y’all to enjoy!

Anyways.. Later Dayz





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