Case Study: 21sCentury Scamming pt.2C

10 07 2009

For those of you just getting in… make sure you take a look at sections A and B so you have a complete back story.

My friend has actually replied to my last email! Heres his reply… I really don’t know how to proceed at this point… I’m taking suggestions from the audience now! Bring it on peeps… Where should I take this now?

I have carefully read your email and would like to state here again that from the first day that I took the decision to contact you by revealing this highly classified banking information to you,I had to prepare myself for the worst.I am well aware that to be a successful and wealthy person there is a price to pay.It is either you succeed or fail why trying.I am a banker and of course I have witnessed and observed how great businessman and women were able to weather the storm to reach to their peak.

I am a very careful person and I am responsible family man.The error that you noticed in my second mail to you is intentional,believe me.The scam of a thing is what I do not really understand very well because I believe that this nature of transaction will be most suitable for a face to face meeting.I have not demanded for any advance money from you because what we have is money and all that is needed to get the job done is your presence to sign all the related deposit portfolio release documents as the beneficiary.This will be possible because I will use my influence to do the underground works that will enable you carry out your part of the assignment smoothly without any obstacle.This to tell you that this steps will cost me money and of course I expect you to know that I have been spending my personal resources in this transaction ,The investigation that lead me to your profile is one of the effort that has cost me money,it is not a bank affair but my personal effort to locate the possible next of kin.You need to understand this fact,in any business partnership,team spirit is most important,we need each other to succeed.

What I am saying here is that you should consider paying your way down here as part of your sacrifice to make this happen,you are not going to spend money because once you are here and sign the necessary legal papers the deposit will be release to you,I hope you stilll remember that I am talking of cash that will be directly delivered to you.Secondly as you may be aware this is a deal and if you can understand,what I will suggest is that you come with just nice gift items to get the mind and favor of the top management of the company where the deposit is currently kept.Think of this and let me know.It will be also nice that we try to open a direct telephone conversation,I believe it is quicker as you may have observed,it usually takes me days to respond to your email.This is because of my tight office work.

If you are okay with my suggestion and will like to have a telephone chat with me,then let me know.


Dr. Harold Akaego

Is it just me or has his english gotten alot better in this email?

So… lemme know peeps… How far should I take this?!




3 responses

10 07 2009

lol mack, interestin’ side project, i just finished reading
you shouldn’t have gotten angry so fast, but this dude is kind of hilarious

maybe contact the bank, their resources maybe are even big enough to hunt down the dude. Cause he’s giving their bank a bad name.

is that the bank?

On another forum here’s your exact email almost same dead realtive name , just different last name

Here’s someone else’s experience on scambaiting

That site has some interesting stories


10 07 2009

yah.. i also wish I was alot wittier.. like the guy in the link you posted.. oh well.. next time..

10 07 2009

That 419 site has a lot of tips,
check out the forums for even more faqs

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