Case Study: 21sCentury Scamming pt.2b

9 07 2009

Our Journey Continues:


I apologize as my financial situation does not allow me to provide a phone number as I don’t have one. My only contact with the world besides face to face is through the internet.

What you have described sounds easy enough, I will be awaiting your following email with the sample letter for me to send as the application of claim.

I look forward to hearing from you.




If that is the case,then the best option to complete this transaction will be face to face meeting.Are you prepared to come down to my country? Let me know.


Dr. Harold Akaego



What country might this be? My schedule here is very tight as I am in the middle of some big contracts. I don’t think that i would be able to make it down there any time soon. This seems like a time sensitive situation so this doesn’t seem like it can happen. And you must understand with the magnitude of this request I would feel more safe and confident in you if you made the trip here and we discussed this matter further. What do you think?



Mr.Mackenzie Chiu,

The country is Ivory Coast,please consult your google map for more information.It is unfortunate that you are not getting along with me,you have a big contract and you also claimed that you do not have a telephone number..I am wondering why you are not serious.

The project is here in my country and in every aspect,it is here in my country that we are suppose to meet to talk more.If you are interested then come down to see things for yourself,action speak lounder than words.


Dr. Harold AKAEGO



You must realize I’m being so methodical and careful about this situation. It is not every day that people email me out of the blue and offer me millions of dollars. And now, you want me to fly all the way to the Ivory Coast with no knowledge of your own seriousness? I think it is only fair that I feel that you are being honest in your words… No? You have everything to gain in this situation and I am putting alot on the line. Especially when when i get down there, I don’t even know if Mr. Rudi Marc Chui or Mr. Ron Marlon Chiu is supposed to be my grandfather in this debacle… YOU IDIOT… get your details straight and then go scam someone else….



After which I didn’t think he was gonna reply back… and for about a week he didn’t… but then…..

Dear Mr. Mackenzie Chiu

I have not been able to contact you again because you insulted my person.You can understand that this world is a small place and for the fact that I made a mistake when I wrote my second mail does not mean that you have to call me an idiot.You should have respected me and atleats ask for evidence of the deposit portfolio to ascertain the true position of what I have proposed to you.I am a family man and of course I am to be careful when I write you considering the nature of deal that I have offered you.To be honest to you I am just a simple man  and when this opportunity came knocking at my door,I had to think of its risk and benefit  and then I said to myself if I choose to contact you and you refuse my offer then it may put me into problem and on the other hands if you choose to work with me,then it is a rear blessing to me.

I purposely made that mistake to ascertain if you are the true person that I contacted.I had expected you to come back to me correcting me of this error but what you did was to insult me.I am not offended at all but had to stop writing you because I am afraid of what will be the consequences of my decision to contact you.You email from the first one has not helped me take the right decision.

All that I can say here is that I am prepared to work with you and can ever re forward the same mail that I sent you before.I have the deposit portfolio related document to proof that I am with you but will not do so until I am convinced by you that you are with me.You can understand that you have not cooperated as I had expected,you have refered to my mail as scam and even refused to give me your telephone number,all this has made me to take your email response as a joke.

If you desire to talk to me then I will make available a telephone number for your use.The name of the deceased is Mr.Ron Marlon Chiu.


Mr. Harold AKAEGO,

You must understand that I am going through the same things that you are. I am also a simple man and simple men do not normally go around or receive millions of dollars in the mail every day. We both have the same thing to lose in this situation, if I decide to throw all my faith in you and contact you with information, and if this IS a scam then you have the ability to take away my livelihood. And if it isn’t a scam and you decide to put all your faith in me then I have the ability to take away YOUR livelihood by going to the authorities.

It is for this reason that you must understand why I am being so careful. I apologize if I offended you in any way but, my last email was also a test, my thought was that my last email would have deterred any true scam as they would not have replied to me anymore. You have showed me, through your reply, that i can have a little more faith in your intentions.

I just have a couple more questions, you said in this previous email that you made a mistake at 1st and then in the next paragraph you you said that you purposely made that mistake, making it not a mistake to begin with. So was it a mistake? And in previous emails you have told me that you do not like discussing business in emails and yet you go ahead and disclose the process through a reply to me. For something that is so dangerous to your career and livelihood you do not seem to concerned about making these small mistakes.

I am going to propose how we continue with this process, since you are the controlling person for this account and you have the ability to gain the money yourself without me. Since you have already proposed a face to face meeting, I propose that you fly me down to your country so that we can meet face to face and discuss this further. I feel that if you are willing to proceed in this manner it will ensure to me that you are serious about proceeding with me and that this is not a scam.


To which I have not heard a reply from yet after about 7 days. Funny isn’t it? Thoughts or comments? feel free. Later Days!





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