Case Study: 21st Cetury Scamming

28 06 2009

So I’m sitting in my cubible Friday. A little bored cuz nothings happening. So, I decided to check my junk mail in some of my email accounts to clear out the clutter.

I stumble upon an email from a gentleman who called himself Mr. Harold AKAEGO (exactly how he decided to display his name). I had recieved this email through a digital photography forum that I had joined in weeks passed. The email stated that this Mr. Harold Akaego was a “managing director and head of private banking at BNP Paribas Investment Bank-Cote d’lvoire. He said that he had an account that a client named Ronald Marlon Chiu had left an account open with him with 26.5 million euros. To make a long story short, he found out that Ronald had passed away some how and further investigation showed that he had not family or next of kin listed on his account. What he wanted me to do I guess was list me as the next of kin (since we have the same last name), open an account for me, transfer the 26 mill into my account and then we’d split the money.

Now, obviously instantly I’m thinking scam. Who just pops out of nowhere and offers someone 13 million eurs. But for a scam, it is the most ellaborate scam I have ever encountered. This was like a 4 paragraph email that explained everything in detail. So, being the guy that I am, I reply:

Dear Mr. AKAEGO,

Interesting…. Tell me more.


For some reason expecting nothing of it. Fast forwarding to the next day now, I recieve a reply from Mr. AKAEGO. He tells me  that he wished that I left a phone number so that he could have called me instead of sent the details by email. But he continues to disclose the next steps anyways. Which is odd if he didn’t want to email because of whatever reason.

He gives me step by step instructions for me to prove that I was the relative of Mr. Rudi Marc Chui.

Wait a minute, was that the name he said before? I thought it was Ronald Marlon Chiu?  What the hell happend to him? Do I get 16 mill for each?

A lesson to all of you young, aspiring scammers out there: if you going to pursue this career…. details, details, details.

I think I’m gonna have some fun at this guys expense… if I do I’ll update for sure. Maybe I’ll post the entire email thread when I’m done.





2 responses

9 07 2009

Its awesome that you knew it was a scam Mack but this actually happened to someone several months ago who lost hundreds of thousands thinking he was going to get it all back

9 07 2009

I have since realised that this is a well known scam. My buddy told me about some people that got caught up in it. Also another motivation to post about it… STAY AWAY people… Anything that is too good to be true… IS!… I posted the entire thread between me and him. Check it out

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