Sunday, May 16 2010 RANT!

16 05 2010

**Disclaimer: This post contains language not suitable for children. If you are under the age of 18 please click HERE. If you are not… Continue on…


I’m driving to work this (Sunday) morning and this is what is going through my mind:

FUCK the endless summer construction that goes on in the city of Toronto! My one concern about moving downtown was how painful the drive would be in the winter time. Turns out, I should have thought about the summer time.


FUCK people who get into a tiny fender bender and sit in the middle of the highway disrupting traffic! Do us all a favour! PULL OVER!!! Fine if its a big accident and you have cops on the way… But for a little bump on your bumper, MOVE!

Most of all…

FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, the fucking “rubber neckers” who feel that it is absolutely necessary to slow down to 20 KPH and take in every fucking detail of an accident, on the other side of the road, through the tiny gaps in between the posts that hold the guard rail up (if you drive faster you can see more). JUST DRIVE! and I’m gonna take this even further! An extra 100x FUCK to the 1st person who decides it is necessary to slow down and take in every detail of the accident. This is with the consideration that everyone else behind this fuck head is thinking “Already going this slow… Might as well look too…”


Later Days



Wasabi, why do you always disappoint?

5 05 2010

After having lunch at Wasabi today, I was once again disappointed. I had this long drawn out post about my experience all drafted out but I’ve decided to not be so angry and just give a point form break down of my experience at Wasabi. In respect to Wasabi themselves, and to fans of Wasabi, I will only talk briefly about a couple things I notice today and possibly some fixes that maybe they aren’t noticing. I’m not saying I’m an expert or anything… Just hear me out.

1. Food is cold, when I got there, around 11:30 am, there was no steam coming out from the steam tables and no steam coming of the water in the chafing dishes. so the food got cold. Next time try putting hot water into these devices instead of cold at the beginning of the shift.

2.Under those red lights, all the items on the deep fry line look the same. Also deep fry items are cold, unless you catch them when they come out of the kitchen

3. Pasta was ok but again cold

4. Need more labelling, Sometimes I just don’t know what I’m looking at.

5. Grill area really good, the best food there, Fresh and Hot!

6.When it is not busy, don’t just point people to where they need to go when they are meeting a party, actually take them.

7. This one is to servers: Don’t get all visually disappointed when you don’t get a good tip, suck it up and try harder next time. Remember people are not obligated to tip ANYTHING….

Please improve these things and I will gladly come back!

Oh yah! If I were Wasabi I would try to put more “Japanese” Themed items on the menu, after all, Gotta stand out right?

Thats all, well that was more than I expected would come out but i guess like Pringles chips… Once you pop, you can’t stop.

Later Dayz,


Random Acts of Kindness

3 05 2010

I just wanted to share something that happened to me today on an office Starbucks run… it totally threw me off guard to realize that there are still random nice people in this world.

So, I went for my typical Starbucks run with a huge order from the office, As I was putting all the drinks into trays and what not I noticed 2 ladies sitting near the door chatting about a trip of some sort to Niagara (Yah I was eavesdropping…), So I grabbed the 2 trays and made why way to the door, She got up, mid conversation, and opened the door for me, I said “Thank you!” and she went back in, sat back down and continued on with her afternoon. And I got into my car and continued on to my care.

I barely even thought about it at the moment, but with every second that passed I was more and more thankful. She took the time out of her day and opened a door for a random stranger for no apparent reason. WOW! It was very nice gesture and it got me thinking, how a simple act like that can make someone else, even a complete stranger, feel good!

To this lady, I want to thank you, seriously, for not just opening the door for me but for the random act of kindness that we should ALL try and do once in a while, and reminding me that being nice to someone does make a difference. THANK YOU!

Now how to pay it forward…… hmmmmmm…..


Mandarin has a new Website…

1 05 2010

Just wanted to point you guys towards the NEW Mandarin Website. Much better than before I think.

Thanks it! Enjoy!


Been a minute!

1 05 2010

Its been a minute eh? And again promises have been broken, and again I apologize for not updating those of you who care to read about the mumble jumble that goes through my brain. That being said, Here is another entry in the life of Mack.

I think it was last post, that I promised some pics from the Las Vegas Trip. Didn’t get many, but here is a few from 1 epic night of partying and then a few from the Venetian. I got absolutely murdered on this trip on the tables so I was definitely unmotivated to get out and take pictures although I really wanted too. Maybe I wouldn’t be stuck so much if I just forced myself to go outside. Anyways… here they are:

This is XS in the Encore... It is a pretty epic club by any standards.... huge inside, Big outside area around a pool, and in the middle of the pool, a gaming floor... yeeeaaahhh.... gambling and drinking in a club setting... WOW!

This is how the night began...

Yeeaaah... and this guy walked into the club... I dunno what to say about this guy but "yeeeaahhh ok!"... Oh And the dude on the right is the whole reason we are in Vegas... Good luck with Married life buddy!

And then Mr.Wynn walked into the club and was in the booth behind us...

And then Diego Sanchez from the UFC came in and joined Mr. Wynn in the booth behind us...

My View out of my free room at the MGM... Thank you MGM... you definitely took the full value plus more from me at the tables... well worth giving me a free room!

And this is where my 1st Vegas experience when I was a wee lad took place...

And thats it! Besides the fact that partying in Vegas can get quite expensive even on a regular night, I feel like to me it is the best place to party. Every time I come home after a trip in Vegas, I’m so unmotivated to go out and party in Toronto. 1 thing is that Toronto clubs aesthetically does not remotely compare to ANY in Vegas, But the main thing for me is the fact that it feels like they don’t even want you in the clubs in Toronto. In Las Vegas, Everyone wants to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, you reaaally have to fuck up for them to kick you out….

Anyways, This post has been long overdue, but I finally got around to it! Hop you enjoyed!

Later Dayz


1st Things 1st…

16 04 2010

So the 1st thing I have to talk about today before I get into anything is the Raptors.

So, they just finished their season this past week and what a disappointing season it was. Well… the second half at least. We went from 5th place to out of the playoffs in terrible fashion. I’ll admit yes, we had a lot of injury problems coming out of the All Star break but really we played with no heart. Our big acquisition in Turks was a HUGE disapointment to say the least and our key players didn’t step up. The whole second half to the season was basically summed up in one game: Sunday, April 11th against our 8th place rivals, the Chicago Bulls. Being tied for 8th place with Chicago meant that it was a must win, Probably the biggest game of the year for the Raptors and they came out and put in a non-effort to lose get beat murdered 104-88… On our home court! It was very disappointing to say the least.

Now the big question on Raptor’s fans minds is will Chris Bosh return next season. IMHO why should he? We’ve missed the play offs 5-7 years that he has been here and every year it is a disappointment. The only way I see him coming back is if Bryan Colangelo makes some BIG BIG moves in the off season and brings a STAR back court guy who can produce his own shots to Toronto AND pay Chris some big dollars. Obviously I hope that he does return as he is a phenomenal basketball player but we’ll see what happens I guess.

Anyways… enough of that. Cant change the past so no point in bitching about it… that was pretty much a waste of time and space.. but I thought i’d share my thoughts.

Heres a couple of pics from the week so far.

Went for a stroll in the Distillery District in Toronto... got this shot as we walked in... I love the sky!

There she is! Got this shot on the water at Cherry Beach... Super fun I think!

Still at Cherry Beach... I wish there was actually something there instead of just the sand.. but I like this shot anyways

The CN Tower and Skydome... yah I called it the Skydome... nuff said!

I remember this used to scare the shit out of me when I was younger... to this day I still do not understand this piece of art?

Thats about it.. I was gonna post some of my recent trip to Vegas but I think i’m gonna save that for its own Blog posting…. Vegas trips definitely deserves its own posting. Specially epic trips like that one…

Anyways.. stay tuned for that one… hopefully get around to that one Sunday…

Later Dayz


M3 is back!

15 04 2010

Well Many of you may or may not know that my friend Mike and I ran a small boutique catering operation a few years ago called M3 Catering. Well, after our chef moved to Ottawa we have been in limbo ever since.

Now we are bringing M3 back to life as M3 Foods and putting plans together for our own restaurant. FINALLY!

If you guys wanna keep up with all the news and what not… Make sure you check out the M3 Foods blog. Also you can follow us on twitter @m3foods

So what are goal is with this blog and all our other social media avenues is to build a community that we can bounce ideas off of and also where our community can also bring new ideas for us to the table to be discussed. Kind of like building a restaurant for the people, by the people. We want to hear everything from staffing to customer service all the way to what our front doors will look like. We’ll be posting ideas and thoughts as we go along as soon as they pop up into our heads…

So, Come out! show your love and support and stay in the looop! Thats all for today!

Later Days,